Pogonia ophioglossoides

(Linnaeus) Jussieu
Rose Pogonia
Snake Mouth
Location Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario.

Specific Habitat

Abundant in open heath-sphagnum bogs, sometimes found in sandy calcareous marshes along shorelines, especially in Bruce County. May also be found in poorly drained roadside ditches. Intolerant of drought.

Flowering Season Mid June through July.


Height: 6 20 cm stem erect, slender, smooth, green to brownish-green.
Leaf solitary, green, fleshy, nearly half way up the stem. Floral bract resembles a second leaf, ovate, slender, green.
Flowers: one, occasionally two, terminal. Sepals and petals usually pink or pinkish white, margin of lip similar with more intense lines; lip spatulate, narrowing to tightly packed yellowish bristles at base, pink with dark fringed crests and lacerate toothed apical margin. No spur. Scent varies from "delicate raspberry" to slightly offensive.


Range is from Newfoundland to Minnesota south to Florida and Texas. Plants remain in bloom for only five days.
This fen orchid can be separated from Calopogon tuberosus and Arethusa bulbosa by the elliptical cauline leaf, the similar but smaller floral bract, the lip in the usual lower position, in contrast to that of C. tuberosus and the spreading lateral sepals, in contrast to the erect ones of A. bulbosa.


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