Platanthera hookeri
(Torrey) Lindley [Habenaria hookeri] Torrey
hooker's orchid

Location Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba.
Specific Habitat

Found in damp to dry rich woods, often under beech or maple. Widespread through Southern Ontario, generally growing where there is little other vegetation: in medium shade or just above the edges of wet areas.

Flowering Season From Late May in the South to early July in the North.

Height to 35 cm.. Leaves two, basal, oval to round, spread flat on the ground. Raceme loose, flowers are small, greenish and more or less erect. The lateral sepals are abruptly bent at the tip; the petals and dorsal sepal form a hood. Lip is about 10 mm. in length, is narrow, tapering to the apex and strongly curved upward. The spur is long tapering to a sharp point curved downwards.


Platanthera hookeri is sometimes mistaken for the larger P. orbiculata but can be distinguished by looking for 'Hooker's Hooks', formed by the up-turned pointed lips of the flowers.


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