Platanthera grandiflora
(Bigelow) Lindley
Large purple fringed-orchid

Location Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario.
Specific Habitat

Low deciduous woods, grassy meadows, and ditches. Found in acidy swamps east of Ottawa; not as frequent in Ontario as Platanthera psycodes.

Flowering Season Mid-June to early July.

Height to 97 cm.
Leaves 3 - 5, with 2 - 5 bracts
Dense, regular inflorescence.
Flower is lilac-pink to rose-purple. Similar to the small purple fringed-orchid (P. Psycodes) except that P. grandiflora has the following features:
1. a rounded unobstructed opening at spur entrance 2. the lateral lobes of the lip tend to curve forward instead of backwards
3. the lobes are more deeply fringed than those of P. psycodes.


One of our most spectacular orchids, both large and colourful. Flowers are nearly twice the size of P. psychodes.


Orchids of Ontario
The Canadian Field-Naturalist


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