Platanthera flava
(Linnaeus) Lindley var. herbiola (R. Brown) Luer
[Habenaria flava] (Pursh) Hooker
Tubercled orchid

Location Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario.
Specific Habitat

Unusually wet habitats such as stream beds, flooded areas & swampy woodlands.

Flowering SeasonJune.

Height to 40 cm. Stem erect, leafy.
Leaves 3 - 4 shiny, lanceolate, sheathing the stem.
Spike lax to densely flowered, 10 - 40 flowers.
Flowers yellow-green; the tubercle of this orchid is a rounded projection on the lip surface in front of the spur opening, which accommodates a visiting, pollinating insect. Fragrance moderately strong and sweet.


Primarily a southern plant, found only rarely in Canada but occurring south to the Appalachian Mountains, Texas and Florida.


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