Platanthera ciliaris
(Linnaeus) Lindley [Habenaria ciliaris] (L.) R. Brown
yellow fringed orchid

Location Ontario.
Specific Habitat

With a broad distribution through the Eastern United States, the northern limit of its distribution reaches into Canada only into South-west Ontario. Platanthera ciliaris can be found in the margins of woods, thickets and in open bogs. Possibly now extinct in Ontario.

Flowering Season From late June in the North to late September in the South.

Height to about 1 m.. Stem stout at base. Leaves long, narrow, tapering.
Raceme is loose to dense with many deep orange flowers. Llip is 10 mm. long, heavily fringed. Spur slender, longer than the flower.


The presence of Platanthera ciliaris in Canada is known through historical sightings and collections and is now thought to be extinct here. In 1995, Allan B. Anderson with the University of Guelph attempted to re-introduce the plant with artificially cultured seedlings in the Windsor area. cutbacks at the University, Mr. Anderson has not had an opportunity to check on their success.


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