Platanthera chorisiana
(Chamisso) Reichenbach
[Habenaria chorisiana] Chamisso
Chamisso's Orchid
Location British Columbia. Ranges extensively from Japan, the Aleutian Islands, southward through the Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island to the state of Washington.

Specific Habitat

Tundra-like hillsides of grasses and mossy turf, damp meadows.

Flowering Season July and August.


Height: 6-20 cm. with sub-basal leaves.
Leaves glossy green, elliptic, sheathing the stem below, a solitary lanceolate bract above.
Flowers 5-20, minute, greenish on a crowded flower spike peculiarly bent to one side. The minute fleshy flowers are incompletely rotated. Dorsal sepal, petals and lip form an almost perfect little sphere, allowing only a crack of an opening to the interior. Miniscule blunt spur.


A miniature orchid less rare than commonly believed because it often grows hidden in grasses and mossy turf.


The Native Orchids of the United States and Canada excluding Florida

Habitat Plant Flower

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