Platanthera albida
(Linnaeus) Lindley var. straminea (Fernald)
[Habenaria straminea] Fernald
Location Newfoundland, Quebec.

Specific Habitat

Boggy depressions in limestone barrens, where protected by stunted firs and other dwarf plants from chilling winds and rain.

Flowering Season July to August.


Height to 35 cm, glabrous
Leaves: 2-5, long, green, borne along the stem which they sheath.
Inflorescence: up to 50 yellowish-green flowers in a crowded, cylindrical spike. FlowersÕ sepals and petals cluster around the column. The three-pronged lip protrudes from below, and the short, blunt spur protrudes behind. The flowers emit a strong vanilla-like fragrance.


This variety is more robust than the typical variety, and occurs only in isolated spots. Note the flowersÕ distinct yellow-green colour rather than whitish, and are nearly twice as large. The floral bracts also extend the length of the flowers.


The Native Orchids of the United States and Canada excluding Florida

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