Malaxis paludosa
(Linnaeus) Swartz
Bog Adder's Mouth

Location Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories.
Specific Habitat

Wet peaty or turfy bogs or fens, either in the open or partially shaded by alders and conifers (Black Spruce-Balsam Fir-Eastern White Cedar). Identified growing in the northern Ontario clay belt and Sudbury District. Normally a sun lover, but sometimes grows down in dark mossy wells in deep shade as well.

Flowering Season

Late July to mid-August.


4 - 20 cm (usually not over 10 cm).
Leaves several, 2 -5, only two large and well-developed; some rising from below the corm, some from above; producing tiny, bulbil-like appendages at apex which are said to reproduce the plant vegetatively (Case, 1987).
Raceme long, floral bracts tiny.
Flowers 15-30, yellowish-green to white, lip uppermost.


Frequent in northern Europe but extremely rare in North America.. Minuscule in size: a clump of 14 blooming plants occupies an area smaller than a 25-cent piece.


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