Listera borealis
(L.) R. Brown European Common Twayblade

Location Ontario.
Specific Habitat

Gravelly humic soil over dolomite, in both damp and dry cedar woodlands.

Flowering Season

June and July.


Height 20 - 60 cm.
Leaves - 2, opposite, below middle of stem, ovate to elliptic, up to 15 X 12 cm.
Flowers are yellowish - green, lip dilated and cleft at the apex into two blunt lobes with a small tooth in between..


A much larger plant than our native Twayblades. Vigorous and widespread in a variety of habitats throughout Europe, excepting Portugal, and extending into Siberia and India.
First discovered, near Red Bay in the Bruce Peninsula by Bessie Plunkett of Thunder Bay. In 1980 a second colony was discovered in southwestern Wellington County (Anderson and Goltz).


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