Listera convallariodes
(Sw.) Nutt.
Broad Lipped Twayblade

Location Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia. Grows from Newfoundland to Alaska to California in cold bottom conditions.
Specific Habitat

Grows in cedar, mixed or deciduous swamps. Damp coniferous to mixed woods, in deep shade, along borders of streams and bogs.

Flowering Season

Late June to early July.


Height 5 - 18 cm.
Two leaves opposite, above mid. stem ovate- elliptic and smooth satiny green. Leaves smooth underneath, minutely downy above.
Loose raceme, flowers are pale, translucent, yellowish green. Lip is shallowly notched with rounded lobes, and a short triangular tooth on each side near the base.


Colonies may contain hundreds of plants.
Accompanying species may be Naked Mitrewort and Blunt Leaved Orchid.


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