Listera auriculata
Auricled Twayblade

Location Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario.
Specific Habitat

Largely an Eastern Boreal Forest Region species, found on the Canadian Shield. The plants grow on wet flood plain, in dappled shade of Eastern Hemlock, Yellow Birch and Sugar maple in the Ottawa Region where they are at the southern end of their range. Plants appear able to survive seasonal flooding. Near Moosonee, they are said to grow with spaghnum.

Flowering Season

Mid June to early July, to early August in the north.


Height 8 - 12 cm.
Flowers a grayish green at the center of the lip, to translucent colour at the edges, and on petals and sepals.


This was the last of the native species of Listeria to be recognized in North America (1899). Rare to uncommon in Ontario.


Orchids of Ontario
The Canadian Field-Naturalist Vol III - 1


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