Liparis liliifolia
(Linnaeus) L.C. Richard ex Lindley
Lily-leaved Twayblade
Large Twayblade
Mauve Sleekwort

Location Ontario.
Found growing in the not-too-dense woods of the eastern United States and southern Ontario where, with one exception, it frequents the Carolinian Zone.
Specific Habitat

Colonizes previously open and disturbed habitats during the early and mid-stages of reforestation. An early colonizer of young second-growth woods, it inhabits the well-drained banks of streams and ravines. Sites include shrubby undergrowth in beech-maple-pine woods and open oak woodland.

Flowering Season

May to July.


Height to 25 cm. Ovoid pseudobulb, clothed by dry sheaths.
Leaves: 2, elliptic-ovate, glossy green, keeled beneath, sheathing the stem and pseudobulb.
Inflorescence: peduncle from the apex of the pseudobulb, fluted, up to 27 flowers in a loose raceme.
Flowers: sepals pale green, petals purple, lip translucent, pale purple with purplish veining, recurved.


It often spreads out into large colonies that later wane as the forest matures and shade deepens. This species is now rare and threatened in Canada.


Orchids in Ontario
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