Goodyera oblongifolia
Raf. [Epipactis decipiens, G. menziesii]
Menzies Rattlesnake Plantain, Green Leaved Rattlesnake Plantain, Giant Rattlesnake Plantain

Location Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia.
Specific Habitat

Main range is western North America, generally uncommon in Ontario, and virtually unknown in the counties that front on southern Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, and Ottawa River. Locally abundant on the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island near some shorelines. Can be found in dry or moist cedar, pine, or mixed forests in deep shade with minimal vegetative competition.

Flowering Season Late July to late August.

Height 10 - 25 cm.
Leaves 3-7 in., a basal rosette, dark, shiny green, with a white rib down the middle of the leaves.
Spikes are about 8 cm. Long and spiralled to one side.
Flowers are greenish-white, with hairy sepals on the outside.


Archibald Menzies, surgeon-naturalist on Captain James CookÕs ship, 'Discovery' which explored the west coast of North America, presumably was the first European collector of this plant over 200 years ago.
The oblong leaves distinguish this plant from the slightly broader leaves of the other members of this genus.
The tallest and latest blooming of this genus.


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