Epipactis gigantea
Douglas ex Hooker [Epipactis americana] Lindley
Giant Helleborine
Stream Orchid
Location British Columbia

Specific Habitat

Gravelly shores, sandbars, seepage banks, around fresh and salt springs. In the northern part of its range, it prefers hot springs.

Flowering Season March to August.


Height to 1 m. from a short rhizome with fibrous roots.
Leaves: 4 -12, ovate - lanceolate, plicate, alternately clasping the stem.
Raceme loose, up to 15 colorful flowers . Flowers greenish - yellow with purple veining; dorsal concave; lip divided into two portions by a central constriction; minute red warty elevations in centre of hypochile, apex pink with a pair of prominent fleshy orange calli. Epichile is hinged from the centre.


Plant is neither rare nor common. It is often locally abundant and very persistent, flourishing for decades in suitable habitats.
Syrphid flies are pollinators.


The Native Orchids of the United states and Canada excluding Florida

Habitat Plant Flower

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