Cypripedium parviflorum
Salisbury var. planipetalum (Fernald)
[Cypripedium calceolus Linnaeus var. planipetalum (Fernald)]
Flat-petaled Yellow Lady's-slipper
Location Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta.
Specific Habitat

Exposed rocky sites, originally described in Newfoundland: shallow, turfy depressions on the treeless limestone barrens of Cape Norman. In Ontario it has been reported in the Timiskaming District (Bryan and Newton-White, 1978), and along the Attawapistat River west of James Bay (Riley, 1979). It is rare elsewhere within the range of Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens.

Flowering Season

May to June.


Similar to C. parviflorum var. pubescens with the exception of the flat, untwisted petals and shorter, broader and more round-based upper sepal.. Var. planipetalum is also of generally smaller stature than most var. pubescens.


There is some discussion between lumpers and splitters as to whether this is a variety or falls within the great variability of var. pubescens; and also whether the harsh environments where this variety is found would affect the formation of the flat petals.


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Orchids of Ontario
The Genus Cypripedium
The Native Orchids of the United States and Canada excluding Florida

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