Cypripedium parviflorum
Salisbury var. parviflorum
[Cypripedium calceolus Linnaeus var. parviflorum (Salisbury) Fernald]
Small Yellow Lady's-slipper
Southern Small Yellow Lady's-slipper
Location Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario.
Specific Habitat

This variety of the yellow lady's-slipper is limited to the southern parts of Eastern Canada. It is found in deciduous forests of drier and often more acidic sites than var. pubescens.

Flowering Season

May to June.


Height: to 40 cm.
Leaves: 3-5, ovate-lanceolate and plicate. The leaves are broad, spreading and evenly spaced. The outer surface of the sheathing bract is densely and conspicuously pubescent when young.
Flowers: 1-2, 22-34mm. Long; sepals and petals usually densely and minutely spotted with dark reddish-brown and appearing uniformly dark. Floral fragrance is rose-like in common with var. pubescens.


The keys to separating this variety from the others are the scent, the size of the flower, and the dense pubescence on the emerging flower bract.
This variety often inhabits markedly acidic soils.
This is also the rarest of the varieties of C. parviflorum in the American Northeast.


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